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At AbsolutLAW, we solve problems in the area of Immigration.

Whether you are seeking to become a naturalized citizen, need an investor or specialized visa, have a removal issue or need help with family-based immigration, AbsolutLAW can solve your problem. AbsolutLAW handles immigration matters for clients across the State of Texas. Immigration issues span a wide spectrum of situations that require legal representation. We can assist you with necessary documentation related to lawful permanent residency (green cards), finance visas, as well as petitions for immediate family members from most countries around the world. We can also assist you with obtaining business / corporate visas whether they be of the E-2 or H-2b variety. If you have a removal (deportation) problem, we can assist you with the proceedings you are facing regardless of the basis for those proceedings. AbsolutLAW can solve your immigration problem.

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