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Problem with Defamation or Business Disparagement?

At AbsolutLAW, we solve problems involving defamation. 

In the digital age, a false and defamatory statement can make one hundred laps around the world before the truth gets out of bed. The internet has afforded the world a previously unimagined source of information and freedom of expression. But with this new media comes the ability for anyone to attack others with instant global distribution.  Before the Internet, a person's efforts to defame another were limited to their own circle of family, friends and acquaintances.  Now, at little or no cost, anyone can go onto the Internet and publish their defamatory comments. Businesses, organizations and individuals suffer attacks on their reputation and goodwill, often from anonymous posters, or those claiming to be someone they are not.

Nothing is more valuable than your reputation. You should never allow a defamatory statement to go unchallenged. Silence is perceived as acceptance. If you do nothing about what is being said about you, it will be perceived as true. The goal in a defamation action can be to recover damages, but often that is not the primary goal. The priceless value of a defamation action is to gain back your reputation.

Stopping the defamation and restoring your good name takes a skilled approach.  The technique utilized usually depends on what is motivating the person making the defamatory statements. If the person has no valid grudge against you, then a cease-and-desist letter from AbsolutLAW, will probably stop the behavior and get the statements retracted and/or removed from the Internet. On the other hand, if the person is acting out of spite toward you, it may be necessary to initiate litigation. We find that just filing and serving the complaint for defamation is often sufficient to stop the defamation. Faced with having to defend a legal action and knowing that they cannot back up the false statements they have made, Defendants often will want to settle the matter. If that is still insufficient, we are ready to take the Defendants to court to obtain both money damages and an order from the court to cease the defamation.

On-line Trade Libel

Online trade libel is one of the most common forms of business defamation today.  Someone publishes information that directly and negatively addresses the quality of services or products that a company provides.  Posts on social media, blogs, and other public forums can be considered libelous and are punishable in civil court.

The laws surrounding online interactions are changing as rapidly as technology itself.  When you hire AbsolutLAW to represent you in an online trade libel case, the attorneys will be up-to-date with the latest court decisions regarding all forms of online trade libel.  In trade libel cases, the plaintiff may be entitled to not only damages to recover losses, but also punitive damages to punish the defendant. It is important to note that negative online reviews are not often considered libelous, although in rare cases, companies have successfully pursued action again those who have posted said reviews.

If libelous statements are presented as facts or statistics, and are not sound, the writer can be held responsible for the resulting financial loss to the company.  Stated alternatively, reporters that do not verify “facts” often find themselves with legal issues to defend.

Regardless of whether your defamation issue is a personal or business one, AbsolutLAW can solve the problem.

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