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Problem with a Lawsuit?

At AbsolutLAW we solve problems involving lawsuits.

AbsolutLAW handles lawsuits for clients in Dallas, Fort-Worth, the surrounding communities and across the State of Texas.

We are trial lawyers first. With a track record of successfully trying a variety of civil matters in state and federal courts involving a full range of complex facts and issues, including commercial disputes, business and partnership disputes, professional malpractice matters, and matters involving significant personal injury, we have earned an excellent reputation as skilled and relentless trial lawyers.  We have achieved a record of success in high-profile, bet-the-company litigation in hostile venues. We also take particular pleasure in representing individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses where they are the decided underdogs and can only hope to achieve justice by relentlessly pursuing their day in court.

One of the most important skills a successful trial attorney can possess is to recognize those cases that should be resolved outside of the courtroom. When presented with such cases, the only way to achieve the best possible out-of-court resolution is to be fully prepared to go to trial and ensure the adversary knows you will do so.

Lawsuits can be, and often are, used in a predatory manner by large companies to prey upon, and unfairly compete with, small to medium sized, less wealthy, businesses. Oftentimes, in such instances, the life of the smaller business can be at stake. The team at AbsolutLAW has experience successfully defending this type of predatory litigation and also has experience successfully defending businesses of any size in high-profile litigation in hostile venues.

Whether you are an individual, entrepreneur, closely held business, or a publicly traded company, AbsolutLAW can solve your lawsuit problem.

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